Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Fort Myers, Florida

Dennie Miller Plumbing, Inc. provides complete plumbing remodeling services to clients in Lee, Collier and Charlotte County, Florida area. With their vast plumbing knowledge, are technicians can assist with answering any questions that you have regarding our remodeling service. Also, because we are a family owned and operated company, you can have peace of mind that you will receive the best price and guaranteed to have the work done right, with long-lasting results.
Residential Plumbing - Septic and Plumbing Service in Fort Myers, FL

Residential Remodels

Homes that were built before the 1950's or 1960's are more likely to have plumbing system that was setup using steel or iron piping, which could result in them having rust and corrosive on them. At Dennie Miller Plumbing, we can assist with doing a complete re-piping to the entire house, including the bathroom and kitchen areas to help bring in that clean and fresh water through your house.

Commercial Remodels

If your business is growing or your plumbing layout does not suit your current or future needs, a plumbing remodel may be on the horizon. Our expert technicians can work with you to redesign your bathrooms and other areas that require updated plumbing. If you need to update your pipes, we can replace your current pipes with stainless steel or copper so that they'll last.

For more information on our kitchen and bathroom remodeling, contact us today in Fort Myers, Florida.