Grease Trap Pumping in Fort Myers, Florida

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As part of our grease trap cleaning services, we remove all fats, oils, and grease materials (FOGs) from the trap, eradicating odors and ensuring the trap is safe to use. Skimming a grease trap and just removing the grease interferes with municipal wastewater systems, which can cause a blockage. Most Florida municipalities have a minimum amount of FOGs that are acceptable in the water leaving an establishment.
Vegetable oils and animal fats in waste water from the kitchen will flow through your plumbing system, before they eventually reach sanitary sewer lines. A heavy build-up of grease over time will result in clogged and backed up lines.
Miller Septic Inc. employs the latest technology and provides regularly scheduled grease trap cleaning services so you can maintain full business operations. Routine maintenance at non-peak service hours is always a great option to keep your business running smoothly.
Miller Septic Inc. preventative maintenance schedule saves you time and money. Take advantage of one of our money saving maintenance plan agreements providing you with the assurance you deserve. We will make a plan that fits your budget and accomplishes all of your grease trap cleaning and septic service's needs!

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